Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop PickaJob?

IPickajob was developed to Help & Connect backpacker to Farmers & Contractor near them with a friendly map, such as construction, picking, prunning, planting,. It was in response to the inability for travellers to easily access job, which was a major cause for a both side.

How do I get a job ?

On the Page PickaJob you can found logo such as Kiwi, Apple, Construction they correspond to the job offers. Click on them you ll found contact details of employers. They wait for you to contact them !

How do I use it?

Check out this video below for a quick user guide.

What if I don’t have a IRD Number?

For those that don’t have an IRD Number, we highly recommend to make one ASAP, Click here to Apply for an IRD Number ! You ll get taxe 45% of your wages. For thoses who has applied and waiting for it, make an arrangement with your employer. It is possible to start working while you wait for it

Do I need a Bank Account?

You MUST have a bank account to get paid in New Zealand. ANZ and KiwiBank are the easiest to get an account with :)

Can I use it on a tablet?

Yes you can. The user experience is a bit better on the iPad, but if you have an Android tablet you’ll be fine.

Do I need internet to use the app?

The app works in offline mode also, so you don’t need data to use it. What we would recommend though is when you’re connected to Wifi before coming to New Zealand, try zooming into the map, this way you’ll be saving the map data and it’ll make the experience much better, no stress if you don’t though.

How can I get Support ?

We’ll get in touch as quick as possible. Send us an email to [email protected] or if you like, contact 0275846710

I do not have a Working Visa, Can I get a Job ?

You can NOT work in New Zealand with out a valid Working Visa, check Immagration Office for more details