Our Story

It all started in 2014 while on my Working Holiday I decided to start looking for a job it was not easy. I found it hard with a poor english and dont know the area. I also notice that both farmer and contractor was short of labour and Why exactly, I’m not entirely sure but it was a heck. From that we have worked hard to create and friendly map to connect both side. So now you could explored this fantastic country.

With farm work , it was a great way to explore New Zealand and meet some great people along the way. For me as a backpacker it was hard to found an honest and reliable employer . We decided to rate the employer.

However we believe that by connecting Farmers & Contractor to backpackeer, it will help people from both side to make the backpacker experience easier and more fun. Check out the PickaJobFacebook page to get in touch or on Twitter.

Until then, safe travels!